DTW to DEL: check.

After a thorough de-icing in Detroit, my flight took off on Friday (2/1/13) evening around 7 PM.  Seven-thousand miles and four airplane meals later I arrived in Delhi, India (10 1/2 hours ahead of EST – who knew half-hour time zones existed?).  I slept until morning and then headed out to do some sight-seeing.  I immediately met a taxi driver (Mr. Sharma) who offered to be my chauffeur for the day for about ten bucks.  We went to Humanyun’s tomb (pictured above, a precursor to the Taj Mahal), the Red Fort (a remnant of the Mughal dynasty’s splendor), and several breathtaking mosques.  Lunch consisted of burrah kebab at a restaurant called Karim’s in Old Dehli.  Not bad for my first day – I even saw a guy playing a flute for a cobra!  Really.  I’m amazed at the history of this ancient city and very thankful for the kindness of everyone I’ve met so far.

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  • pampeeler

    Looks lovely—god bless the Mr Sharmas of the world. I will look forward to each and every posting. Mom

  • Susan Ratzan

    Hey Crandall, Sounds like a great intro to India. When Rich and I were there in 1973, we travelled by country(or city) bus with 100′s of people hanging off the sides or riding on top! We loved India and Nepal. We spent about a week in Katmandu and then travelled to Pokara to go mountain trekking. We could see the Himalayas from the trails. You are going to have a great time and do some really useful work. Love, Susan and Rich

  • Carol Wuebbling

    I’m thrilled to be able to ‘listen in’ to your postings, Cran. Such an adventure! When Monica was there in c. 2001, she described every mode of transportation in the streets, including elephants…monkeys astride too. You will be a great observor. Can’t wait for those details…Carol

  • Shahzad Mian

    Amazing!! Excited to be on the journey with you.

  • Kathy Whitney

    Hey Crandall. Great to hear about your adventures..keep the posts coming!

  • Marian Hoppes

    Dr.Peeler looking forward to the adventure. Very proud of you!

  • Shelly Robbins

    What an exciting trip! Looking forward to more stories and pictures. I know you are representing Kellogg well. Thanks for taking us with you.

  • Alan Sugar

    Have a great trip. When in Bhairawa try to take a side trip to the Lumbini site of the birthplace of the Buddha. Further away to the east is Chitwan National Park, which is also worth visiting. I don’t know if the Seva foundation still is involved in Bhairawa, but they do great work.

  • Danny


    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Looking forward to more stories and pictures!


  • Erin Anderson

    Dr Peeler,

    Wow, thanks for taking the time to blog. Hope you find some time to run while your there!



  • Dierdre Jeske

    Hi Crandall, what a great adventure–it will be fun to follow. God bless you!

  • Shreya

    Hey Crandall,
    Wish you well on your journey. Can’t wait to read about all the things you do and learn

  • Beautiful Picture! Thanks for taking us with you – can’t wait for the next posting. I hope the “Mr. Sharmas” follow you through out your whole trip and keep you safe!

  • Nick Patton

    Hey Crandall,

    Hope you have a great trip. Thanks for the pictures and I’ll keep following your post. Safe travels!


  • Monica Lohmier

    Hi Crandall,

    Wow! The photograph is beautiful and your journey sounds exciting.
    I will be following you on your adventure.

    Stay Safe,
    Monica Lohmier, COA

  • Moella Hesselgrave

    Hi Dr. Peeler,

    I knew you would go far in your career, but I had no idea how far! lol I hope you have a great adventure and I look forward to reading your blogs.


  • CJ Pollack-Rundle

    Looking forward to the memories, experiences and photos (can you do video?) you are sharing. May they all be good, positive, and clear. Can’t wait to hear more on your return!

  • Cynthia Abejuro

    Dr. Peeler,

    What a fantastic experience! I’m sure everyone there will be very appreciative! Please stay safe and remember : bottled water even for toothbrushing and middle of the night thirst! Can’t wait to see the pictures; maybe a Grand Rounds topic??

  • Adrienne West

    Crandall, This is so cool! Thanks for doing this and I will look forward to checking your entries. I hope you have a lot of fun and make great new discoveries in your travels.

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