Arrived at Lumbini Eye Institute

Kathmandu temple at night

Following a lengthy fog delay at the Kathmandu airport, I finally took off for the quick 30-minute flight to Bhairawa late this morning.  Once the plane climbed above the clouds there was an excellent view of the Himalayas, including what the passenger next to me identified as Everest.

I took a taxi from the tiny airport in Bhairawa to the Lumbini Eye Institute, where I met the hospital manager, Mr. Amod.  He showed me to the guest house where I’ll be staying for the next few weeks to drop off my stuff and then gave me a tour of the hospital campus.  There is the main hospital with subspecialty clinics spread out over several floors, operating rooms, and a pharmacy and optical shop.  Separate buildings include a cafeteria, a microbiology lab, and various living quarters for employees.

On our walk around, I met a Nepalese pharmaceutical rep for Allergan – they’re everywhere!  He told me that he was in charge of distributing Refresh Tears and Combigan in this area and asked me what kind of Allergan products we use in the US.  It was a pretty funny conversation.

The medical director of the hospital was out at a satellite clinic today, so I’ll meet her first thing tomorrow morning to discuss my research project and figure out how else I can help out during my time here.  I’m very excited to get started!

The photo above is of one of the many street-corner temples/shrines that I encountered walking around in Kathmandu – beautiful by day but even better at night when lit with candles and incense.

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