A Farewell


This morning, with my research wrapped up and my bags packed, I was having tea in my room and preparing to find a taxi to the airport when Mr. Amod called to say that I was needed at the hospital for “an urgent program.”  I arrived to find a meeting room filled with all of the doctors I had worked with over the last three weeks, ready to dress me in traditional Nepali garb and bid me farewell.  There were flowers, a lot more tea, and good-natured teasing about the vast quantity of dal bhat and chapati that I consumed during my stay.  It was all very touching, and I tried my best to relate how much the experience had meant to me.

Now I’m back in Kathmandu and preparing for the return trip to Michigan, incrementally working my way up from a 16-seat prop plane today to substantially larger aircraft en route to a Thursday arrival in Detroit.    I can’t wait to catch up with everyone back at Kellogg in a few days!

4 comments to A Farewell

  • Monica Lohmier

    Great trip! Enjoyed following you on your travels. Make sure your wearing a winter coat when you come back. It is still winter in Michigan and we are expecting snow on Tuesday. Have a safe trip!
    Monica Lohmier, COA

  • pampeeler

    Cran–Sounds like it was great experience and love your hat. Travel safe. Love, mom

  • Betsy Nisbet

    It has been great hearing about your journey and your research. Thanks for posting all!

  • Sher Bates

    Hi Crandall, I’m a little late with a reply, wish I had followed you when you were there. I was doing your expense report & looking for business purpose when I came across Dr. Mian’s email with blog. The pictures are breathtaking and the posts were fun, informational and touching. What an awesome and rewarding experience. Thanks for giving us all an insight to life in India and reminding us of how lucky we are to have such easy access to cutting edge healthcare that most of us take for granted. You are and will continue to be a wonderful and compassionate doctor and I can see you are going to make a difference in the lives of others which is an awesome gift!
    Sher Bates

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