Career Development Award

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences has initiated the Michigan Ophthalmology Trainee Career Development Award, a new academic grant program that encourages residents and trainees to pursue projects they are passionate about. Recipients of the award select faculty at Kellogg and throughout the campus to partner with them in accomplishing their goals. Since its inauguration, two grants have been awarded to Kellogg residents.

Crandall E. Peeler, M.D., second-year resident, will travel to Bhairawa, Nepal to evaluate whether a lowcost automated fundus camera can improve screening efforts in rural areas. A central question in his project is whether health care workers with little training in ocular photography can use the portable camera to capture high-resolution fundus photographs used to diagnose eye disease. His goal is to help remote clinics identify patients who should be referred to larger medical centers where higher level care for eye disease is available.

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