A Farewell

This morning, with my research wrapped up and my bags packed, I was having tea in my room and preparing to find a taxi to the airport when Mr. Amod called to say that I was needed at the hospital for “an urgent program.”  I arrived to find a meeting room filled with all . . . → Read More: A Farewell

Steady progress

So LEI is still using paper charts (pictured above), which is not at all surprising given the limited number of computers on site and the spotty electrical grid.  Most patients keep/maintain their own medical record and are very reliable about bringing notes from previous hospitalizations, clinic visits, etc.  It’s very . . . → Read More: Steady progress

Research in full swing, though evolved

First, some exciting news – we had a VIP patient in clinic today.  One of the stars of the Nepalese national cricket team came in with a corneal abrasion sustained in a match earlier this week.  After a thorough exam, there was a collective sigh of relief when it was determined that . . . → Read More: Research in full swing, though evolved

First full day at Lumbini: Cornea clinic

I spent my first full day at LEI in cornea clinic today, seeing patients with Dr. Dhakhwa (trained with Geoff Tabin at Moran).  There is one room for each subspecialty clinic with two slitlamps – one for the ophthalmic assistant or technician to start the patient and the other for . . . → Read More: First full day at Lumbini: Cornea clinic

Arrived at Lumbini Eye Institute

Following a lengthy fog delay at the Kathmandu airport, I finally took off for the quick 30-minute flight to Bhairawa late this morning.  Once the plane climbed above the clouds there was an excellent view of the Himalayas, including what the passenger next to me identified as Everest.

. . . → Read More: Arrived at Lumbini Eye Institute

Quick trip to the Taj Mahal before departing for Nepal


First of all, thanks to everyone for the great tips and kind words of support in response to my first posting.  It’s great to have so many wonderful colleagues cheering me on – Kellogg really is a special place.

On my second day in India, Mr. Sharma picked me up bright and early . . . → Read More: Quick trip to the Taj Mahal before departing for Nepal

DTW to DEL: check.

After a thorough de-icing in Detroit, my flight took off on Friday (2/1/13) evening around 7 PM.  Seven-thousand miles and four airplane meals later I arrived in Delhi, India (10 1/2 hours ahead of EST – who knew half-hour time zones existed?).  I slept until morning and then headed out . . . → Read More: DTW to DEL: check.

Career Development Award

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences has initiated the Michigan Ophthalmology Trainee Career Development Award, a new academic grant program that encourages residents and trainees to pursue projects they are passionate about. Recipients of the award select faculty at Kellogg and throughout the campus to partner with them in accomplishing their goals. Since its . . . → Read More: Career Development Award